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Everyone gets angry once in a while. That’s normal. Anger is neither good nor bad, but we have many choices on how we handle our anger … and that makes all the difference in the world. Adults will appreciate how laughter can help teach positive and healthy ways to handle anger. Learning is more fun and more memorable when laughter is used … so this funny, rhyming informative lesson on anger will be a joy for children and the child in all of us!!!


Skrinch up your nose!
Curl up your toes!
Gas is passin’
Oh no … here goes!

Oh me! Oh my!
How can this be?
You just passed gas!
But…smells don’t last!

Goodness… Gracious
How outrageous!
Just hang in there…
It’s not dang’rous!

You may feel deep sorrow.
You may feel deep pain.
There’s no need to argue.
There’s no need to blame.

Don’t tackle the person.
You choose not to fight.
You tackle the problem.
You can do this right !!!

All in good time,
You know you’ll forget,
‘Cause anger does fade,
You’ll have no regrets.

So take a deep breathe.
This problem will pass.
Your anger will dissolve
Just like smelly gas!


All around the world
We're all passing gas.
Inside and outside
It happens so fast!

Try to control it,
But what can we do?
Critters and humans
All gas it up too!

And so in the end,
You can't change this trend.
It's so universal.
It will never end!

It's gonna happen
It will...you just know!
It doesn't matter
Wherever you go!

Life is a challenge.
Oft' times you feel pain.
But sure a'shootin' ...
The sun follows rain!

Times can get rough.
The going gets tough.
But just like gas ...
This too shal pass!


Each book comes equipped with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) cards for you to pass out.

No matter what problem you are facing … remember…it is only temporary.
Because …
Just Like Gas …This Too Shall Pass !!!

PMA Cards

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